Q.  Will my LAWn Sign keep the police out of my house? 

A.  No.  LAWn Signs are grounded in constitutional law and might help your lawyer defend you, but please do not count on any legal significance from placing the sign in your yard or signage/stickers anywhere else.  If you have any particular legal questions, you need to contact your personal attorney.

Q.  Will my LAWn Sign stickers keep police away from my stuff?

A.  No (see above regarding LAWn Signs).  In clarifying your grant of “implied license” to others, you can strengthen a claim for Fourth Amendment security, but don’t go breaking the law and thinking these signs will help.   And again, any legal questions are for your own personal attorney.  Nothing on this site provides any legal advice or representations.

Q.  How many LAWn Signs do I need? 

A.  While there is no set number, the point of the LAWn Sign is to provide notice to people who might enter your property to stay away.  Thus, having signs at the various entrances of your house is probably the best.  For education purposes, more signs are better.

Q.  Why do the LAWn Signs cost so much?

A.  We are full-time law professors who do not have the time to deal with manufacturing, shipping, or really any business stuff, and thus we have outsourced the production and delivery to another service.  We are in this to educate the public and to have a bit of fun.  They are in this for the money.

Q.  Can you guarantee/warranty that my LAWn Sign, Sticker, etc. will look great?

A.  No.  We hope that it will.  But, as noted above, we do not manufacture, ship, or in any way control these products other than their initial design, and we are not graphic designers.  Therefore, we cannot control their quality.  Certainly we hope Zazzle (who is manufacturing the products) will live up to its promises (see The Zazzle Promise), but since we have no control, you have to understand that we make no warranties or promises of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  As far as between you and us, everything is sold “as is.”

Q.  Are LAWn Signs a joke or is this a serious project?

A.  Maybe a bit of both.  We certainly expect many will purchase LAWn Signs to humor their friends and neighbors, or to antagonize their parents.  But as a program of civic education, sometimes bringing humor to a situation is the best way to educate.